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Do you have a great product and are looking to develop your business in the Canadian Retail Market but not sure where to turn?


Could your organization use help with;

  • Developing the value proposition and appropriate market positioning by channel by customer

  • Building, preparing and delivering the fact-based retailer presentation 

  • Securing the sales call

  • Securing listings

  • Implement on line presence / GS1 activation

  • GDSN synchronization 

  • Developing demand plans and aligning operations, production and supply chain to fill customer orders at required levels on time

  • Planning and managing ongoing trade / marketing spend to grow sales


With over 20 years of selling Consumer Packaged Goods into the Canadian Marketplace, let KAMENA do all of the leg work and represent your organization and product. 


Do you have a great idea for a product and don't know where to begin? Need someone to discuss the business elements to consider when bringing a new product to market / beginning a start-up company?  KAMENA has extensive experience with:


  • Legal (service provided by Simply Business Law - see link)

  • Business Planning

  • Funding 

  • Organization Structure & Staffing

  • Scheduling, Manufacturing and Procurement

  • Warehousing 

  • Distribution

  • Sales

  • Category Management and Advanced Analytics

  • Financial Planning and Budgeting

  • Marketing, Branding, Consumer / Customer Insights

  • Customer Service

Let KAMENA be your resource to ensure that all elements of getting your start-up positioned for long term success.

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At KAMENA, we can assist to align consumer, customer, competitive insights with your organizations' mission, vision and capabilities / product to focus your processes to optimize business results.

  • Executive Summary

  • Business Description - who you are and what you do

  • Market Analysis - the competition, the market, your offering and where it fits / connects with the consumer

  • Organization Management - review of key internal stakeholders and their expertise

  • Sales Strategies - price point, market positioning and the marketing / promotional plans to drive awareness / trial / repeat purchases

  • Funding Requirements - what are the anticipated costs and timing for the business

  • Financial Projections - creating realistic forward-looking projections that align the sales strategies, market trends and financial requirements


Do you have an employee with an upcoming maternity leave that needs covering?  An employee away from your organization due to a scheduled short or long-term leave of absence?


KAMENA has extensive 'real-world' job experience to cover many organizational roles including;

  • Key Account Sales Management across all channels of distribution

  • Field Sales / Broker Sales / Value Added Reseller Management

  • New Business Development

  • Brand & Trade Marketing Management

  • Category Management & Consumer Insights

  • Forecasting / Demand Planning / S&OP Management

  • Budgeting

  • Business Analytics and Reporting

Let KAMENA step in and cover key functional business requirements with minimal transition time and training.

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Does your company need our services?

Message us today.

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